Reading Strategy


Upon entry to Year 7 students with low numeracy skills are identified and they will receive an additional one hour intervention session.  An extra additional hour is offered to the most vulnerable.  We have recently introduced a new numeracy package called “Passport Maths” which enables weaker students to improve their numeracy skills across all five year groups.

All students in the academy have access to “Times Table Rockstars” where they can improve their times tables in a fun way.  We have entered National competitions and we are looking at running events within the academy and across the trust.  This type of activity encourages a love of maths and can help remove the stigma that some students have.

During Form Learning Time allows students to complete key skills when they take part in Numeracy Ninjas, once every two weeks.

Every child at Rossington also has access to Hegarty maths, an online programme.  Pupils are given tasks to complete each week as part of their homework to try and help retention.  Students are all encouraged to use their own personalised Question Level Analysis (QLA) sheet where they can begin to plug gaps in their knowledge.  The QLA’s are created after students have completed tests and they identify what clips and questions students should focus on.  For those that don’t have access to the internet we offer a one hour club after school on Wednesdays which is run by a member of the maths team, alternatively they can go every day to the Learning Resource Centre to work independently.  Students with an average of eleven hours Hegarty usage gained an average of 0.3 progress 8 in maths.  The average number of hours used was in direct correlation to the grade gained.