Events and enrichment

At Rossington All Saints we believe in nurturing the students and going beyond the academic studies to develop the students personally and prepare them for future life in the local community and beyond. As a part of our CARE values, we encourage the students to develop other interests and strive for excellence both in and outside of the classroom. ​We also believe in offering the students a wide range of cultural experiences and equipping them with the social skills needed for adult life. 

Our programme of events throughout KS3-KS4 includes trips and visits to universities, places of worship, sporting venues and abroad. We fundraise for various charities each year, these include Rossington Food Bank, The Yorkshire Children's Air Ambulance, Save the Children, Samaritan's Purse and Comic Relief. 

Many of the events, competitions and projects, tie into our curriculum and aim to inspire our students in their studies. Each subject area also runs after school enrichment each week and invites in guest speakers in their area.