Students with Special Educational Needs are fully integrated within the academy. Those students who require additional support for whatever reason, will be noted according to the Code of Practice at School Action, Action Plus or Statement.

The SENCO and the SEND team provide support to teaching staff. The nature of this support is negotiable and may be determined by the needs of the individual student or teaching group. The support may involve LSA support in lessons, preparing differentiated resources or advice from the SENCO.

Students in Year 7 and 8 are placed on intervention programmes in order to raise standards in both reading and spelling.

Timetabled Interventions

Reading and Spelling

  • Corrective Reading

Accelerated Reader

Nessy (Dyslexia Support)

Students in KS4 may receive access arrangements in order to support examinations. All access arrangements are on an individual basis and are as a result of testing to establish need.

Please click here for the link to the local SEN offer:  Local Offer

The SEN report can be viewed on our Statutory Information page here.

Who’s Who within the Department

Miss Wainwright- SENCO

Mrs Arnold- Literacy Co-Ordinator

Mrs Keating- Teaching Assistant (Monday and Friday)

Mrs Marshall- Teaching Assistant 

Mrs Evison- Teaching Assistant (Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday)

Mrs Wright- Teaching Assistant

Mrs Groves- Teaching Assistant

Mrs Trewick- Teaching Assistant (Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday)

Miss Aveston- Teaching Assistant

Mr McConville- Teaching Assistant

Miss Egan- Teaching Assistant

Mr Briggs- Teaching Assistant

Mr Owczarek- Teaching Assistant