The Academy is committed to high standards of dress and the AAB have agreed that acceptable and high standards of personal presentation and Academy uniform are fundamental to the life of the Academy.

This is a reminder about our uniform expectations and is designed to avoid too much time being spent in conversation with students about missing items and items of uniform deemed inappropriate for a place of work. This takes time away from learning as it can delay the start of lessons.

If you are unsure about any item of clothing, please keep the receipt and bring the item(s) into the academy to have it checked by a Learning Manager as to its suitability.

Academy Uniform Boys Y7- 11

  • Blazer - Academy blazer
  • Trousers - Plain style, black tailored trousers
  • Shirt - Plain style, white shirt buttoned to the neck
  • Jumper - v-necked with embroidered crest (Optional- to be worn under blazer)
  • Shoes - Plain style, black polishable shoes (see pictures in booklet)
  • Socks - Plain style, black
  • Delta Tie - Academy tie; to be worn at all times
  • Plain black belt, with standard buckle only
  • House Pin Badge
  • No Jewellery/earrings/Apple watch or equivalent
  • No make-up or false eyelashes

  • Academy Uniform Girls Y7 - 11 
  • Blazer. Academy blazer
  • Delta Skirt - knee length black tailored skirt, plain style or pleated.
  • Black Trousers - plain style, black tailored trousers. (not stretch, leggings, slim fitting)
  • Shirt - Plain style, white (not ¾ sleeve or tight fitting) buttoned to the neck.
  • Jumper -v-necked with embroidered crest. (Optional- to be worn under blazer)
  • Shoes - Plain style, black, flat or low-heeled shoes, no higher than 3cm. (see picture)
  • Socks - Plain style, white, black 
  • Tights - Plain style, black or flesh-coloured
  • Tie - Academy tie to be worn at all times
  • No Jewellery/earrings/Apple watch or equivalent
  • No make-up or false eyelashes 
  • No watch/Apple watch or equivalent  
  • False nails and nail polish are not permitted. 
  • Plain black belt with standard buckle only.
  • House Pin Badge

Please ensure that any piercings are done at the start of the summer holidays to allow students to remove them during school time.