Dear Parents and Carers,

We are delighted that your child’s school is taking part in New College Doncaster’s Year 10 Taster Day event on Monday 12th July 2021. This event, taking place at New College Doncaster, is to support young people in making informed decisions about their future study, whether that’s with us at New College Doncaster, or at other schools and colleges in the area.
The purpose of the event is to raise aspirations, to encourage students to consider different types of post-16 environments and options, and to start exploring the different courses that are available. We know that students with ambitions and plans for the future are more motivated to achieve strong results at GCSE. The end of Year 10 is a great time for students to start thinking about their future, as they prepare to embark on the final year of their GCSE courses, and as they start to apply for post-16 places in the autumn term. Around three-quarters of our applicants apply before Christmas in Year 11.
In advance of the day, at school, students will select three subjects that we offer at New College Doncaster that they would like to find out more about. We will put together an individual timetable for every student joining us so that they can attend a taster session for their three subjects. Only Year 10 students will be in college on the day, and this will provide a safe and comfortable way for students to get a feel for sixth form study. Our campus is very safe and secure, with security barriers at reception, and students will remain in college for the duration of the event. Members of staff from school will accompany students to the college.
On the day, transport to the college will be provided from Rossington All Saints Academy and students will be transported back to school as near to the school’s normal finish time as possible.
We will provide a free lunch for all students, but students are welcome to purchase anything extra from our cafeteria, shop or Starbucks if they wish to. Students do not need to wear school uniform for this trip and are welcome to bring mobile devices with them, but will be asked to turn them to silent during lessons. Of course, we will ensure that any Covid safety arrangements set out in government guidelines at the time are in place.
We are sure that students will enjoy and value the experience and we very much look forward to meeting them. Please do not hesitate to contact college, or school, if you require any further information about the event.
Yours sincerely,
Brendon Fletcher