The study of religions and cultures from around the world and throughout history is of vital importance in 21st century education. Our aim in RE is to prepare our students for life outside of the academy by equipping them with the skill to become tolerant, empathetic and reflective members of society. At Rossington we follow the Doncaster locally agree syllabus recommendations which allow us to explore major world faiths, ethical and philosophical perspectives. Our topics are also planned and adapted based on primary needs where often RE is taught very little or in some cases not at all. For example, the introduction of Hinduism was added in KS3 in 2019 due to students showing very little knowledge and understanding of the religion but also showing a key passion for wanting to study it.

Our teaching aims to develop pupils understanding of religious and world view and includes the development of skills such as enquiry, evaluation and reflection. Our approach at KS3 ensures that key skills are continuously explored throughout key topics to prepare students for KS4. This includes the skills of describing, explaining, justifying, analysing and evaluating. Our KS3 and KS4 topics focus on one ‘big question’ which is addressed throughout each lessons as well as an emphasis of how key beliefs and teachings might impact the lives of believers in 21st century Britain.

As a Church of England academy our study of religion has a key focus on Christianity. Students will have the opportunity to compare and contrast Christian beliefs with the beliefs of other religions studied and explore how Christian perspective might inform beliefs about ethical matters explored. Our KS3 curriculum in RE is very broad and we hope that our students go away after KS3 with a passion and skills sets to prepare them for life and GCSE.

Rossington All Saints Academy values in RE

Community: To engage with the community around us and explore the diversity of the town and country of we live in

Aspirations: To aim to build a tolerant and understanding society where all are valued and accepted

Resilience: To find solutions to end intolerance and prejudice around the world

Excellence: To create a society of love, tolerance and respect

KS4 Curriculum

Exam board: Eduqas

Paper one– The study of Christianity (1 hour 25% of qualification)

Paper two– The study of Islam (1 hour 25% of qualification)

Paper three– Ethics (2 hours 50% of qualification)

Possible pathways

Students will have the option to go onto AS/A2 Philosophy and Ethics leading to a Level 3 qualification. Employment opportunities in many areas where skills such as empathy, understanding, respect, tolerance and good communication  are welcomed. Philosophy and Ethics is a highly regarded subject by top university's due to the skills it develops. Many Religion and Ethics students have progressed onto careers in Law, politics, primary/secondary teaching and the forces.

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