The study of PSHCE is essential in preparing our young people for life. It explores key topics of study which hope to enrich students’ lives to ensure they live a healthy and safe lifestyle throughout their school years and long after.  Key areas of focus such as sexual health, relationships, the law and finances ensure our students are given the tools and knowledge to ensure they are kept safe and independent life styles. PSHCE at Rossington followings key RSE guidance and the PSHE statutory framework.

At Rossington PSHCE is delivered through a range of step up day lessons through every year group throughout the year. PSHCE is a lesson where all students should feel that they are in a safe and open learning environment and where every child matters. Lessons will ensure that students reflect on their own lives and the lives of other and hopefully understand how they can have an impact in the wider world. PSHCE allows students to understand the importance of their own rights and responsibilities through the exploration of several topics such as relationships, bullying and the law.

PSHCE topics ensure students are prepped with diverse knowledge on several subjects such as sex and relationships, crime, bullying, mental strength and wellbeing, cancer awareness, puberty and self-care. In 2020, Rossington will also take part in the restart a heart day whereby students will be equip with knowledge of basic first aid. PSHCE topics are chosen to be age appropriate and also in direct reflection of our school context and needs. The delivery of sex and relationships education is constantly recycled through students’ years at Rossington and starts in KS3.

In addition to this, the lead teacher of PHCSE also endeavours to explore PSHCE outside of the classroom and throughout the year organises an array of PSHCE opportunities delivered by external providers such as fire safety assemblies, road safety weeks and assemblies and child exploitation assemblies. Once again this is to ensure that students realise the importance of the content covered in PSHCE in an attempt to make it apply to their lives.

As a Church school our PHSCE is supported through the involvement with the message trust who come into the academy to deliver PSHCE session exploring topics such as consent and healthy relationships. The message trust deliver PSHCE curriculum whilst supporting our Christian Ethos. PHSCE also gives students other opportunities to work with outside agencies such as ‘The 3 Cs’, the NHS and other health care professionals to instil the seriousness of some off our topics of discussion and to help relate these key topics to students’ lives and local community.

Rossington All Saints Academy values in Life

Community: To understand how we all are part of a community and what growing up in a community might look like

Aspirations: To aspire to become confident individuals who feel well prepared to go out into the world as confident and active citizens

Resilience: To create solutions to promoting mental strength

Excellence: To create a safe environment for individuals and future generations

Who's Who within the Department

Miss Sadie Parish - Department Leader of PSHE

Possible pathways

Life can help students begin to get a taster for a future working in lots of careers such as law, health care and teachings. I also ensure that students are prepared for the wider world and their adult lifes.

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