Parent Forum

Parent Forum makes a valuable contribution to the life of Rossington All Saints Academy by giving parents/carers the opportunity to work in partnership with the Academy. It is our hope that we will make a positive difference for children, young people and their families by maximising the life chances and opportunities for everyone. We want the Academy to be at the heart of the community and recognise that by working collaboratively with parents, we will strengthen the relationships between the Academy, home and the community.

The purpose of Parent Forum is to enable ‘effective communication’ between parents, teachers and other Academy staff to flourish.

We will focus on:

• Issues that are important to parents
• Informing and thereby empowering parents
• Representing as many different parents and their viewpoints as possible
• Encouraging open and honest engagement with parents
• Promoting respect and clear communication between parents and Academy leaders

We support the right of all Rossington All Saints Academy students to enjoy their school years in a safe, caring and happy environment and we also support the need for teachers and other Academy professionals to work in a well-organised, calm and polite workplace.

Parent Forum aims to;

• Develop effective relationships between staff, parents and other professionals associated with the Academy
• Arrange events and activities that raise funds for projects in the Academy to enhance the education of students and to support charitable organisations.

All parents/carers are welcome to attend the meetings.

If you would like to take part in Parent Forum please contact Mr Hall on