Y10 Rewards trip

Lost Earth Adventures

Y10 students took to the Peak District for their end of year rewards trip where they were pushed out of their comfort zones completing a day of activities. 

Students started the morning with a walk up to the top of Stanage Edge to take a look out at the view while instructors set up the first activity. Shortly after safety equipment was handed out and put on students walked to the bottom of Stanage Edge to begin their climbing. Students took it in turns to climb up the rock safely supported by other students guiding them from below. It was a great team effort and pupils worked tirelessly to encourage each other in order to make it to the top. When students had finished their climb they abseiled back down to the rest of the group.

With little time to stop, students ate their lunches on the minibus on the way to their next activity and location. After a quick stop off at the toilet students were back on the road and heading towards a cave!

When they reached the caving location new equipment was distributed and students climbed into their very fetching caving suits and wellies!! Photo evidence provided!!

Students spend two hours exploring the cave, ducking, crawling wading through each area it had to offer. This was a real struggle for some students with gaps being small and the cave being dark, but even though they moaned, all students showed complete resilience and grit and determination to finish the activity. War paint at the ready students marched their way out of the cave and back up to the minibus where endless laughter was heard as students’ drained water from their socks and wellies. Straight back on to the minibus for a singalong on the way back to Rossington!

Overall an excellent day, enjoyed by students and staff - even if they did end up going for an accidental swim!!

A massive thank you to Lost Earth Adventures for running the trip and providing excellent support throughout. Can't wait to book again!