From 4th-8th March, schools across the UK took part in #TECHOGNITION week to celebrate the work that school science technicians do on a daily basis.

Chloe our science technician here at RASA works tirelessly to ensure everything runs smoothly in Science. 

Last week Chloe put on some excellent experiements for staff to get involved in, some of these detailed below. 

Microbiology - looking at how well you wash your hands! Chloe will allow the microbe plates to grow and send you a picture of what has grown from your attempt! 

Heart and Eyeball dissections.

Methane bubbles - this is your chance to set each other on fire without causing any harm. This is by far one of the best experiments we do! Google 'methane bubbles experiment' if you want to see what it is. We will also be doing demonstrations of some of the more explosive experiments we do. 

If you want more information about techognition week or to see photos of some of the their work please see