Information Regarding Exam Grades

Dear Parent / Carer,

GCSE, AS and A Level Grades – Summer 2020

The Department for Education has published details of how grades will be awarded to students taking GCSEs, AS levels and A levels this summer.

The process is designed to ensure that the grades your child will get this summer will have equal status with universities, colleges and employers, so that you child  can move forward with their next steps in education, training or employment, as planned.

Three are three key stages in the process outlined today

By the end of May, your child’s teachers will provide assessed grades for each student in each subject to the exam Board.  These assessed grades will be confidential. 

 These grades will be based on a range of evidence including: 

  • Students’ classwork and bookwork, or performances in subjects like PE, music or drama
  • Any non-exam assessment, whether or not completed
  • The results of any assignments or mock exams, and
  • Any previous exam results, which would be most relevant for sixth form students.

 Ofqual will then look at all the grades and decide what the final grades for each student in each subject should be.

Your child will get their final grades in the summer.   Ofqual has said that results will be provided no later than they had been expected, in August, but that they will provide them sooner if they can.  This is so that you and your child have certainty as soon as possible.

There will be an appeals process and they are planning to provide an opportunity for students to sit exams, if they would like to, in the autumn term. Final details on this have not yet been provided.  

Sally Collier, who leads Ofqual, the organisation which oversees exams and qualifications in this country, will be writing to your child today.  Her letter will also outline the process that Ofqual will be following. 

More information on todays’ announcement can be found by following the attached link

We will be continuing to provide work so that students carry on with their studies in preparation for their next stage of education, training or employment. I would encourage you to continue to support your child in their school work.

I hope this gives answers to some of the questions you may have and we will provide further updates to you as soon as we are able.   

Once this process is complete, I look forward to sharing with you our plans for coming together to celebrate our remarkable young people.  Although the circumstances this year may be different, your and our pride in their achievements shines through.  We look forward to celebrating their success together at the very earliest opportunity. 

Thank you for your continued support    

 Yours sincerely

Rob Burton