Exam Results


The class of 2017 recorded the following headline figures:

Progress 8+0.78     
Attainment 848.46
4 or better in Maths and English60%
5 or better in Maths and English        41%

A truly outstanding performance from Year 11, and one that puts the academy in the top 5% of schools nationally. 


Students ended their studies within the 6th Form achieving the folllowing results:

A Level Value Added Score - 0.06      
Average Grade for A Level    D
Academic Value Added Score   -0.06
Average Grade for Academic          D
Applied General Value Added Score+0.30
Averager Grade for Applied GeneralDist*
Progress in English +0.00
Progress in Maths+-0.67
Retention    tbc
Destinations   tbc

The results are testament to the huge effort and commitment of students alongside the expert support and guidance of staff and to round up this success at the academy, we are extremely proud that all of the students that applied to university this year were successful in gaining their places.

Further information about examination results for the academy has been published by the Department for Education and is available through the following website: