Christian Ethos

Collective Worship

Learning is the most important aspect of our Academy and all members of our Academy are learners. All of our policies aim to underpin key Christian values.

We believe in:

  • Constantly striving for our students to become outstanding members of the community
  • Learning in a culture of respect
  • Mastering the skills, qualities and habits of highly effective and tolerant individuals
  • Valuing diversity, compassion, love and fellowship
  • Being aspirational
  • Offering students the chance to become global citizens
  • Allowing students to experience and value opportunities to meet members of faith communities
  • Being intrinsically motivated and always seeking to do the right thing

Supported by its Christian ethos, the Academy will seek to support you, your family and the wider community to take advantage of the educational, sporting and cultural opportunities that the Academy will provide, which will promote increased personal and community growth. As a church school, we aim to promote a holistic and spiritual experience for your child irrespective of their key beliefs or faiths. We also aim to promote an environment of solidarity, empathy, awe and wonder through our programme of collective worship, reflection activities and an open-minded religious studies learning environment.  Collective worship allows students to reflect on key themes, which affect their everyday lives. Many of these collective worship assemblies are delivered by Church leaders allowing students to develop their critical thinking and sense of morality.

At Rossington we take pride in our distinctive Christian Ethos. Collective worship plays an important part in our weekly activities and is open to all students of all backgrounds.

Every week students experience collective worship together in houses where they explore our weekly themes for the week and reflect on them through biblical scripture, music and prayer. After this students and staff spend form learning times reflecting on collective worship and once again explore, biblical scripture and prayer as well as a reflective activity that takes place in form learning time.  In addition to this 2018 has seen the introduction of our ‘Word of the week’. This aims to enable students to develop their religious literacy through collective worship.  Students also have the opportunity to experience the Lord’s Prayer weekly during every entry to collective worship.

Collective worship allows students to explore important topics and is fundamental to developing student’s awareness of the important of self-love, and advocacy.

In addition to collective worship, students from all religious backgrounds have the opportunity to use the prayer room which can be located on the humanities corridor as an area of peacefulness and reflection.

Please see the Rossington All Saints Theological Rationale and our Worship and Chaplaincy policy in the Statutory Information section of our website.