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  • Basket Ball Winners

    1st February 2016

    Congratulations to Miss Pay's form who have been crowned Intra House Basketball winners, they demonstrated fantastic teamwork that secured them victory and saw them score 30 baskets, the highest score so far!!

  • Bishop Steven Visit

    19th January 2016

    Bishop Steven visited the academy last week and met with Y13 Philiosopohy and Ethics class to talk about "Life After Death", during the discussion the topics covered included- what happens to the soul after death? what is the apocalypse? How do our life experiences contribute to the afterlife? What is Heaven like?   

    It definitely left everyone with plenty to think about!

  • Letter to Parents

    8th January 2016

    Please find below the most recent letter to parents regarding on line safety.

  • Happy New Year

    4th January 2016

    Happy New Year from all the students and staff at Rossington All Saints!

  • Merry Christmas

    18th December 2015

    The students and staff at Rossington All Saints would like to wish everyone a peaceful Christmas and a healthy and prosperous New Year! 

  • RASA Students Spread Christmas Cheer!

    16th December 2015

    18 students from Y7-10 visited the Royal Care Home in the village yesterday to perform a short Christmas service to the residents, 

    Students performed their own version of the 12 days of Christmas, told the Christmas story through the eyes of 12 different peoople and sang Silent Night.

    A great time was had by both the students and the residents

  • More Rowing Success for Sarah!

    16th December 2015

    Sarah Beevers has had a fantastic week with some great news.  Firstly she was offered a scholarship at The Kings School Canterbury where she is hoping to study A Levels in Maths, Computing and English Lit alongside continuing her rowing training.

    On Saturday she won another Gold Medal at the British Indoor Rowing Championships for Y11 girls with a new British record of 1717m in 6 minutes.

    Whilst she was away in L

  • Christmas Concert

    11th December 2015

    The Christmas celebrations are well underway with this afternoons Christmas Concert, students from RASA, St Michaels and Grange Lane Infants all took part in performances and then had time to enjoy the refreshments baked by Miss Sims and her students.

  • Penalty Shoot Out Winners

    3rd December 2015

    Mr Howley's form are Luther King Intra House winners for their great performance against Miss Pay's form in the Penalty Shoot Out Competition.  The game went right up to the very last second when the winning goal was scored making them the winners.

    Well done Mr Howley's form!

  • Ex Student Success

    23rd November 2015

    Former student Adam Gittings competed in the Bishop Auckland Disability Grand Prix table tennis tournament at the weekend where he came away with 3 golds in 3 events winning the class 11 event, doubles and, for the first time, the top event the Open Band A singles.

    Adam didn't lost a single match all day, in fact he only dropped 2 sets throughout the whole tournament. He also beat 2 GB pathways/development players in the open.

    The academy has continued to support Adam by giving him the opportunity to train a

  • Prison Me No Way

    20th November 2015

    Y11 students have been taking part in a 'Prison Me No Way' drop down day today looking at the following:

    • Consider our place within society and what it means to fulful the purpose of being human.
    • To consider whether you have to be Christian to follow the basics of being a positive member of a community.
    • To understand the impacts on communities of moral and immoral behaviours.
    • To examine the consequences of immoral behaviour through the legal system in England.

    Staff from Prison Me No Way delivered a workshop wit

  • Lord of the Flies Visit

    13th November 2015

    On Wednesday 11th November the Y9 and Y10 drama groups visited the Lyceum Theatre in Sheffield to see William Golding's 'Lord of the Flies' as part of their GCSE studies. 

    During the performance students made observations on how the play was directed, acted and designed and will now use their observations in a 2000 word documentary response to the performance.  The story was adapted for stage by Timothy Sheader and was a visually stunning interpretation which featured a full scale airplane body on stage, ar

  • Army Careers Presentation

    13th November 2015

    The academy welcomed SSgt William Douglas, army careers advisor, this morning.  He delivered a presentation to students from Y9-13 who are interested in a career in the army.  Students learnt about the wide and varied apprenticeship opportunities that include, Engineering, Combat, Logistics and Transport, Medical, Music and Ceremonial and Communications.  This had a profound effect on the students and provoked them to ask a number of interesting questions. 

    The army will be back in one lunchtime to talk fur

  • RASA Student Wins Youth Sports Trust Award

    13th November 2015

    Caitlin Griffith along with 7 other HSLA Leaders joined Active Fusion to help deliver their Connecting Communities project Actively-eat-y.  The project was piloted over 12 months and Caitlin and the other leaders delivered physical activity games afterschool at Grange Lane and Pheasant Bank Academies.  The project was aimed at encouraging families to develop their knowledge of Health and Well Being and for the students to develop their Higher Sports Leader skills.  The project was funded by the Youth Sport

  • Collective Worship

    12th November 2015

    This week we were pleased to welcome Katherine Warman from 'Right Up Your Street' into the academy to deliver collective worship.  

    Katherine described the work she has undertaken with the local community on the Rossington Community Quilt 100 Scars for 100 years.  This piece of art was produced as part of the WW1 Centenary project.  We currently have the quilt on display in the academy until 26th November.

  • Gideons Visit

    12th November 2015

    Local representatives from Gideons International recently came into the academy to deliver their annual collective worship to Y7 students.  All Y7 students were presented with a copy of the New Testament and Psalms.

    The Bible from Gideons International contains additional information on:

    The Gideon Story.

    What the Bible says about key ideas e.g. prayer, faith etc.

    Where to find helo in the Bible when you are feeling angry or bitter.

    Where to find help in the Bible when you are choosing a career etc.

    Suggested da

  • Armistice Day 2015

    11th November 2015

    Students from each House along with sixth form students laid a wreath today at the Remembrance Day Service at St Michaels Cenotaph.      

  • Samaritans Purse

    9th November 2015

    Generous students and staff donated 44 shoe boxes filled with gifts ready to be given to children all over the world who wake up on Christmas Day without a single present.

    Staff from Samaritans Purse collected the boxes today and presented the academy with a certificate to say thankyou for the donations.  

  • Bonfire Night Science

    9th November 2015

    Y3 students from Pheasant Bank Academy joined us on 5th November to take part in a Bonfire Night themed Science lesson.  They tested different chemicals to see how they changed the colour of the Bunsen flame, just like when fireworks are set off.  The students were extremely enthusiastic and absolutely loved using the Bunsen burners to carry out their investigations 

    They were then shown demonstrations of how sparklers are made and which chemicals are used as well as being amazed by the 'whoosh bottle'.

    A ve

  • Remembrance Parade

    9th November 2015

    Y7 student Scott Keating took on the very important job of carrying the union flag and leading the remembrance day parade through Rossington.

    Many of our students were involved with the parade through scouts and cadets and we are all very proud of their dedication.