Y10 Mock Exams

16th June 2015

Dear Parent/carer

As I am sure you are aware your child is currently working towards their final GCSE examinations and I wanted to write to you to outline some key information regarding the upcoming mock examinations and preparative work that students will engage in.

Although students are still in Y10, we believe that it is vital that they have the opportunity to experience formal mock examinations in order to prepare them effectively for their final GCSE examinations.  Students will be prepared for their mock examinations within their lessons and a detailed process of results analysis will allow teachers and students to understand areas of knowledge and understanding that need to be developed further.  This ensures that teachers are able to plan effectively for individual students and provide them with the support they require as they move into Y11.

Mock examinations

Students will complete mock examinations in most of their GCSE subjects during June and July.  These mock examinations are designed to provide students with a real experience of what the examination process is like and also to provide teachers with key information about where students may need extra support and guidance in the build up to their real examinations.  A mock exam timetable accompanies this letter so that students are aware of which examinations they need to prepare for and so parents can help to support students with their revision.

I am sure that you will wish to continue to support your child as they move towards their final GCSE examinations and ensure that they are fully prepared for this vital time in their school career.

If you have any questions regarding these issues or the next stage for your child in their subject areas then please discuss this with your child’s House Director or Form Tutor in the first instance.

Mr Raynor