8th July 2016

Wednesday, 6th July saw the third annual ROSCARs Ceremony held at Rossington All Saints. As always, the audience were treated to an evening of spectacular entries across all key stages at Rossington schools: ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’ won the Foundation Stage award with the Tornedale Infant Academy’s Neptune Class taking home story book resource packs to use in their next adventures; Key Stage 1 winners included entries about Andy Goldsworthy and ‘The Queen’s Knickers’; a professional film trailer took one of the Key Stage 2 awards along with a news report about an earthquake in Rossington and a performance about a dragon who ate Pheasant Bank Academy!  Finally, the Key Stage 3 winner came courtesy of Sam Whittaker who wrote a story from the perspective of a German soldier during World War 1 and he even gave a live reading on the night!

The night was accompanied by musical performances from students in Years 7-10 from Rossington All Saints Academy.

We’re already looking forward to next year’s event!