LabLive STEM Event

24th November 2017

Students at the academy have enjoyed a visit to The Gainsborough Old Hall today for a LabLive STEM event provided by EDF Energy.

During the day they have attended a live show called 'Shapes and Smoke Rings' where mega mathematician Katie Steckles showed objects being deformed and twisted beyond what anyone would have thought possible.  The show informed students how shapes connect together in space, what their interesting properties are and how they can be used to solve real world problems. 

Students also attended a show 'The Science of Fireworks' where they were introduced to the magical and explosive work of pyrotechnic science.  The show featured waves, energy pathways, electricty, fire, sparks, smoke and more and demonstrated the building blocks for modern day firework displays.

A fantastic experience for everyone with an interest in Science and Technology.  

Miss Taylor