James Muir Visit

10th March 2017

We were delighted to welcome James Muir, CEO of VW UK, to the academy today to speak to students.  They were thoroughly engaged as he spoke about the Fourth Industial Revolution.  They were mesmerized as he spoke about self diagnosing watches, autonomous cars and biotechnology.  Students left knowing far more about the jobs that may exist in the future and the skills they will need for those jobs.

Students commented:

"It was really good to get an idea of what the future might be like..even if it's a bit scary."

"I think it was a really good opportunity to find out about what jobs there will be in the future so that you're not setting your mind on something that won't exist when you leave school."

"He taught me not to be put off by what anyone says; I can do what I want to do."

Huge thanks to Mr Muir for taking the time to come in to the academy!