Halloween Hand Made Parade

8th October 2015

My name is Katherine, the Right Up Our Street Arts Supporter for Rossington, and I am letting you know that as part of our Halloween Handmade Parade project I will be visiting Rossington All Saints Academy on Wednesday 14th October from 3.30pm – 5pm for a special making session for students and their parents or carers.

Right Up Our Street is all about people discovering their own creativity and this October the Handmade Parade is coming to Rossington to create a fantastic Halloween Parade. Through this session you have the chance to get hands on and make crafty parade elements for the final event. This is an opportunity for you to come along and work with your child to have some fun, make something special and develop new skills together.


The Halloween Handmade Parade will be taking place on Saturday 31st October at 2pm and will be using the pieces of artwork made by the Rossington community. There are also chances for you to be more involved in making the parade through the free craft workshops we will be hosting in October in the run up to the final event. You can make a costume at one of these sessions then walk in the Halloween Parade on the 31st October. The free craft workshops will take place at the Miner’s Welfare and the Holmescarr Centre, if you would like any more information on these please do ask or visit our website rightupourstreet.org.uk or find us on Facebook. To see fantastic pictures of past parades the Handmade Parade have created visit www.handmadeparade.co.uk 

Please see Miiss Ross for a letter if you would like to book a place.