Fabulous February!

27th January 2017

At Rossington All Saints Academy we are striving for excellence and expect a high level of attendance from all of our students.  There is a clear link between attendance and attainment in school, with those students who have poor attendance being less likely to achieve good GCSE grades, and more likely to not be in education, employment or training when they leave school.

Starting on Monday 30th January 2017, we will be holding an attendance challenge which will run throughout the month of February.  There wiill be competitions and prizes for both form groups and individuals based on their attendance during the month.  Prizes will include breakfasts for forms and cash prizes for individuals.

What is 'Good' Attendance?   

All students should aim for a target of at least 97% attendance.  This equates to 6 days absence in an academic year.  Any student whose attendance falls below 90% is deemed to be persistently absent from school.

Attendance over the whole year %

= days missed

= weeks missed

Number of lessons missed

Absence over 5 years


10 days

2 weeks


¼ year


19 days

4 weeks


½ year


38 days

8 weeks


1 year


57 days

11.5 weeks


1 ½ years


80 days

16 weeks


2 years


100 days

20 weeks


2 ½ years

We are commited to supporting every child to achieve their potential and make excellent progress.  Parental support in enabling us to do this by ensuring your son/daughter attends every day is greatly appreciated.  

We're looking forward to congratulating everyone who achieves 100% attendance in February!