Employability Day

16th February 2017

RASA held it's third annual Employability day yesterday with all students involved in various activities aimed at preparing them for the world of work.

Anona Philips, one of the business volunteers, commented: 

"Students in the main have demonstrated positive attributes i.e. ambition, being courteous and friendly, lots of cheerfulness and extroversion were demonstrated.

The majority of students today have taken personal responsibility for their own learning through skills such as asking questions and answering questions; this has demonstrated to me that they have the confidence and ambition to move into the world of work.

Positive attributes help a person advance in his/her career; a willingness on the part of the student to stay in a positive personality can be infectious to all around them.  I have met some very positive personality types today who have shown kindness and importantly a willingness to learn.  An example of that is that one male student sought help from me to complete his CV and felt disappointed that the class was called to a close.  His passion to learn and to know what to write in his CV,  visibly created a positive reaction to learning. A joy to work with.  

I shall look forward to volunteering for the Academy in the future."

Huge thanks to the following for making the day such a great success:

Alton Cars


Apprenticeship & Skills Team - Doncaster Council

Babington Group

Club Doncaster


Department for Work and Pensions

Engage Training

Emma Harris (runs a private Nursery)

Garry Thickett



Hitachi Rail Company

Homerton College (Cambridge University)

Humberside Engineering Training Association (HETA)



Northern Racing College


Overlanduas (drone company)

Rotherham College

Royal Navy


Sheffield Hallam University

South Yorkshire Credit Union

St Leger Homes

University of Hull

University of York


YH Training Group