Doncaster Book Awards Poetry Competition

26th January 2018

Kian Adams in Y7 has written a beautiful poem to enter into the Doncaster Book Awards Poetry Competition:


Gazing Into the Deep Blue Skys

I'll gaze and gaze at the Deep Blue Skies until I lie asleep,

In the fields I lay, not making a peep

Now the stars are twinkling in the distance.

An owl is singing through the trees.

Bees are buzzing through the forest flowers, pollenating through the breeze.


I'll gaze and gaze upon the morning sun,.

As the birds awake for a brand- new day.

Floating through the new warm breeze of the summers morning.


The trees providing shade for me.

And a thin layer of sesaoned leaves float down like a plane preparing for landing on a runway.


I'll gaze and gaze upon the nights sky as the magical sparkly sea of wavy stars dance around the midsummers nights moon.