Anne Frank Visit

20th October 2015

Thirty Y7 pupils had a fantastic time at the Anne Frank Centre in Doncaster.  They engaged in a variety of activities aimed at bringing learning to life and supporting learning outside the classroom.

In the 'Anne Frank + You' exhibition pupils examined the experiences of Anne Frank through a series of talkes and even entered a life size replica of Anne Frank's bedroom where she wrote her diary.

Pupils looked at the charting rise of Hitler, the Nazis and the subsequent Holocaust and developed their knowledge of key values such as tolerance, respect and human rights.

Throughout the session pupils built their own community and debated over the rights, responsibilities and rules that they would enforce in their community if they were the president.

Pupils enjoyed the day and the vsist to the museum and had some great, if not slightly strange rules.  I don't think a three day week at school would ever happen!

Miss Drury