Who’s Who within the Department 

Miss Benn- Department Leader of English

Miss Foxton - Assistant Principal 

Mrs Waite - Associate Assistant Principal 

Mr Mellor- Teacher of English

Mrs Moreton - Acting Department Leader for English

Miss Demetriou - Acting Assistant Department Leader for English and Literacy Coordinator

Miss Trewick- Teacher of English

Miss Hannan- Teacher of English

Mr Cameron- Teacher of English 

Curriculum Coverage at KS3

Students cover a range of reading, writing and speaking & listening within this Key Stage across all the units. In Year 7 and Year 8, students cover all the assessment focuses, which are mapped across each unit studied. Each student completes a hinge point assessment for each unit.


Curriculum Coverage at KS4

For further information about the exam specification please click on the link below:

English Literature:  

Y11     http://www.eduqas.co.uk/qualifications/english-literature/gcse/

Y9&Y10 http://www.eduqas.co.uk/qualifications/english-literature/gcse/

English Language: http://www.eduqas.co.uk/qualifications/english-language/gcse/