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Chartwells Healthy Eating Policy Statement

A balanced diet is essential for good mental and physical health, and to optimise growth and development in children and young people.  Adopting a healthy diet and good eating habits in the early stages of life will lay the foundations for future health.

Chartwells strive to use the highest quality fresh ingredients, incorporating seasonal and regional produce where possible.  We have a network of national and regional suppliers with whom we actively work to reduce the fat, salt and sugar levels of our food. Whilst monitoring these levels we also work to minimise and elimate, where possible,  the use of artificial additives.  None of our ingredients contain the 'Southampton Six' artificial colours which have proven to increase hyperactivity in children. 

Chartwells support the commitments Compass Group has made to the Government's Responsibilty Deal.  None of our ingredients contain artificial trans fats and we are working closely with all of our suppliers to work towards the 2017 salt targets.

Our menus are developed in line with healthy eating guidance.  We use the Eatwell Plate as a guide and ensure that menus are compliant witht the food based standards for school food.  We use the recommended portion size guidelines to ensure our recipes meet the nutrient requirements of all pupils and that portion sizes are sufficient.  In addition, we will continue to nutritionally analyse our central menus to evidence the nutritional profile of our recipes and menus.

We strive to be more than just caterers and in addition to a nutritious food offer we have a nutrition education programme in place to educate pupils on the importance of a healthy balanced diet.  All our nutrition education resources are in line with the national curriculum and in particular support the 'cooking and nutrition' curriculum within key stages 1-3.  Our 'Putting Fun Back into Food' programme also supports schools in adopting a whole school approach and makes learning about nutrition and food fun and inspiring. 

Amy Roberts BSc (Hons) RPHNutr

Head of Nutrition and Education.